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Look When High – 3D Stoner Book

1 min read

As we move closer to Christmas 2018, I am coming across some interesting stoner gift ideas.

This week we got our hands on a 3D illusion book called the High Book on the ISMOKE Channel, which contains 3D illusions and some glasses which make them pop out on the page.

The book is the brainchild of  Martin Novikov and it is the first 3D-420-themed book I’ve seen! I’m building up a collection of cannabis-inspired books and this is a good addition to that.

I was impressed with the level of detail in the images – what looks flat and chaotic without the glasses gives rise to depth and even more complexity when wearing the glasses.

They range in design with different colours, styles, shapes and pop-up creations – no two look the same.

Also included is a 3D colouring book – again, another thing I’ve never come across before!

You can pick the High Book up here.