Linx Ember Wax Pen Review

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The Linx Ember Wax Pen Vaporizer is an entry-level wax pen poduct by Linx Vapor, a vape company based in California.

We first tried out the Linx Blaze Dab Pen a couple of years ago, along with the Gaia, their dry herb vaporizer, so it was great trying out their new portable dab pen, the Linx Ember this week.

The Linx Ember consists of an atomizer and a battery which come in a carry case. The atomizer is stainless steel with a quartz rod and coil heating up mechanism.

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The battery features three temp settings – blue, green & red – as well as a session mode which allows the user to start heating for 10 seconds to vape a good portion of extract in the atomizer on any mode.

The instructions recommend using a rice grain-sized amount of extract, so we got our new Tropical Citrus CBD Wax from The Goods (sold on the Hemp Elf website here) and loaded some up.

, Linx Ember Wax Pen Review, ISMOKE

The device works best with a short preheat, and delivers a good vapor cloud from Green (middle) mode upwards.

Drawing air through the device gives a slight resistance but feels very open, similar to the Mighty by StortZ & Bickel.

The atomizer tends to get through all extract inside it quite quickly, providing it is near the heating coil – extracts along the sides on the glass will remain solid.

The Ember delivers good vaporisation of the extract – green mode was our favourite with a nice balance of cloud and flavour – and the Tropical Citrus wax by The Goods delivers a lovely smooth yet subtly sweet pineapple-inspired terp profile perfect for those low temps.

At £35 the Linx Ember is not going to break the bank, somebody who wants to consume cannabis extracts but does not want a rig may find this vaporizer very useful.

, Linx Ember Wax Pen Review, ISMOKE

Despite the entry-level pricepoint (some vaporizers sell for £250+) the Linx Ember delivers a good cloud and nice vapour all at an affordable price. The technology is similar to The Shatterizer we covered on the channel back in 2018.

Cleaning The Linx Ember is perhaps the only drawback is it can be more time consuming than other devices, although requiring minimal effort. To clean properly requires soaking the atomizer in isopropyl alcohol which can take a bit of time ( hours is recommended in the manual). But you only need to clean it after a day’s session or if you want to change flavours, otherwise you can simply add more extract and continue to vape.

The Linx Ember is available on The Hemp Elf Website here. You can use the discount code ISMOKE10 for 10% off.