Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review

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Lemon Haze CBD is one of a range of CBD-rich cannabis flowers currently being sold in the UK – we got our hands on some for this week’s strain review.

This is available to purchase from a number of specialist shops across the UK and online, with a growing number of businesses selling specially-bred cannabis which only contains a tiny percentage of THC.

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant evolution from hemp tea that could be smoked to a range of high CBD low THC cannabis strains, driven in part by the Swiss model which has allowed up to 1% THC meaning, driving the low THC strain development.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKEThe sample we are looking at today has the Swiss flag printed on the side, suggesting it originated from Switzerland. It came from Smoke Loud UK, a shop based in Bristol.

And if you are wondering, yes – you can go and buy this right now (but it won’t get you high).

FYI this is a legal grey area for reasons we won’t go into detail about right now, but regardless, CBD flowers are being sold nationwide, and with the introduction of medical cannabis in the UK from 1st November 2018 we are unlikely to see a toughening approach to low THC cannabis.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE


This sample looks fantastic for CBD flower – it would be hard to tell this doesn’t have THC in from just appearance alone. That is possibly due to the 22.5% CBD which glistens on the bud which is covered in trichomes.

As well as frosty, this sample is dense with a nice colour and visible pistils and it has been grown indoors.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE


This strain doesn’t smell like lemons – and especially not like lemon haze – I can’t detect any haze sickly sweet notes.

The smell is not significant or strong, but nor is it unpleasant – it gives off a generalised cannabis scent, but nothing which would fill a room.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE

So it doesn’t smell bad, but it also doesn’t smell like much. Under a blind smell test I wouldn’t have picked this as anything special.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE


CBD Lemon Haze smokes wonderfully through my bong and also tastes great through my Mighty Vaporizer. I’m treated to sweet and pine notes towards the end of the exhale.

The smoke and vapor are both smooth and enjoyable to consume. The flavour isn’t very pronounced, particularly when smoking Lemon Haze CBD, but it has nice, subtle nuances alongside the general cannabis taste which doesn’t lean towards any familiar terpene balances.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE


CBD is good for anxiety, inflammation and a whole host of other things regulated by your endocannabinoid system.

I get a zen-like clarity when I consume significant amounts of CBD, and three bowls of this was enough to do the trick. Zero high – as expected – but I certainly feel better than before I smoked it.

lemon haze cbd, Lemon Haze CBD Strain Review, ISMOKE


As far as CBD flowers go, these are some of the nicest low THC high CBD buds that I have come across.

This stuff is a far throw from the hemp tea I reviewed after purchasing it from Amazon only a couple of years back, and I am happy that the CBD-rich strain market is diversifying.

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