Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain

Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain Review

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Today on ISMOKE we are taking a look at the Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain. Lemon Blues is a cross of Blues and an unknown Haze Strain, originally bred by UGORG as a test strain named “UGORG Beta-C”.

This particular phenotype was found in a bag of UGORG Beta-C seeds by Roadrunner, who then gave the cutting to Kush Family Collective at the 2015 Dopefiend Cup.

This strain ticks a lot of boxes: Great flavour? Check. How about the smell? Check – lemony goodness. And the effects? Check!

Lemon Blues Cannabis, Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
Lemon Blues


Great bud structure, good firmness. Not an overly dense strain, lots of trichomes visible by eye. Under the microscope I could see lots of milky delicious trichomes.


Earthy Lemon with a hint of Skunky flavour that comes from its heritage. She is a stinker, with a delicious smell – like a strong lemon cross.

When you break open the bud and grind it up, a dank and skunky smell is released, but you can still smell the lemon which overpowers everything else!


The Lemon comes through but so does the Blues with a skunky taste that came through my bong nicely.

Lemon Blues Cannabis, Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

I really enjoyed the taste of the Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain, finding it more enjoyable than a lot of the other lemon-flavoured strains I’ve tried (and I love that lemon flavour). I was also really impressed with the smoothness and did a second bong hit almost immediately, to get a “better judge of the taste” of course.


I found the lemon blues to be really uplifting – this is a fast acting cannabis strain that hit me with a lot of the feelings I’d expect from a sativa-dominant hybrid.

I smoked this in the morning for the video, and again today, and found it to be a good strain to start the day. The effects of the Lemon blues certainly put a smile on my face, and I found them to be quite long-lasting, well over the hour mark before I noticed the high beginning to fade.



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