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Official Cheese testervideo

Official Cheese Tester for Aztech Genetics

We were asked to test 5 phenos of cheese for Aztech Genetics to pick our favourites from two categories - autoflowering and photo period. The bags of cheese...

Look When High – 3D Stoner Book

As we move closer to Christmas 2018, I am coming across some interesting stoner gift ideas. This week we got our hands on a 3D illusion book called the...
Cannabis in Australia 2018

Progress On Cannabis Legalisation in Australia

Australia’s political and legal systems are very similar to, and in fact, often inspired by, UK equivalents. Just as in the UK, Australia has a department responsible for...
Dabvent Calendarvideo

Watch us open today’s door on the 2018 Dabvent Calendar

The Dabvent calendar is an advent calendar with a 710 twist. Launched this year, this sounds like a dabbers dream - an advent calendar which features a...

Volcano Vaporizer (Video)

Join us as we take a look at the Volcano DIGIT vaporizer. This desktop device was released in 2007 by Stortz & Bickel after the success of...