January 2020 saw the launch of an innovative pop-up shop by CBD company Leefy who themselves launched last year to cater to the ever-growing UK CBD market.

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE

A short walk from Covent Garden Tube station on London’s Neal Street you will find the Leefy HQ until the end of this month when they will be moving to another central London location.

In-store the products on display include their ranges of GMP-certified CBD products including The Goods, EQL CBD and CBDrive.

As well as selling CBD products, the space is being used to host workout sessions and cannabis community activist meet and greets/educational evenings throughout the month:

Wednesdays: CBD Workout sessions
Thursdays: Hosting talks by myself (Tyler Green), Simpa Carter and Callie Blackwell

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE

I have been down to the shop a few times this month after a successful launch party, speaking once on cannabis culture in the digital age and another time on the UK cannabis industry itself.

The Leefy Pop Up is a small, well-lit and friendly space, decorated with grassy green Leefy signs and some cool macro shots by Viking CBD reviews.

Products are displayed along the walls, and as well as bottles of CBD oil on display they have UK-made glass rigs by Glass Charlie including the Leefy special custom-made piece in-store.

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE

There is a sofa along one wall and a coffee table which is where people can dab CBD (during events they offer free CBD dabs for attendees) which also has space for flyers and stickers.

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE

The shop is a great experience for anyone wanting to try CBD products who doesn’t know where to start, or for people wishing to find good CBD in central London.

The CBD extracts they sell are THC-free, broad-spectrum extracts and isolates available in a whole host of flavours. You can learn about the Granddaddy Purple wax here on our YouTube channel

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE

For those new to dabbing it can be daunting to figure out what you need to get started, but you can find whole dabbing kits at the Leefy shop.

As the UK (slowly) becomes more cannabis-friendly, more boundaries are being pushed, and a CBD store in the heart of London’s West End with plenty of footfall shows how accepting Londoners have become to cannabis-based products.

leefy, Leefy Pop-up CBD Shop, ISMOKE
Ladybuds (left), Tyler Green (centre) and Callie Blackwell (right) at the Leefy pop-up store

Thanks to Leefy for hosting us for two nights, we hope the events continue!

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