Lavender Cannabis Strain Review

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Welcome back to ISMOKE and another cannabis strain review.

Today we are taking a look at an Indica strain which combines great genetics from across the globe.

Lavender, bred by Soma Seeds, is a combination of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. Also referred to as Soma #10, Lavender has been growing in popularity of late. This is the second time I have encountered it this year. The first was in Remedy Cannabis Club Barcelona, but I missed my chance to purchase it then!

Fast forward to today, and I have a lovely sample here grown by an unnamed Hampshire Cannabis Collective.

Lavender cannabis strain, Lavender Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
Lavender strain sample, grown by unnamed cannabis collective


The Lavender sample looks great – it came as one solid bud. Exotic looking, the bud has good depth and a bit of give which suggests it had been dried well.

It has also ben given a good trim job. The colouration is quite dark, with vibrant pistils that overtake the bud at some points! Good trichome coverage.


Sniffing the bud I get a light floral scent coming from the Lavender. Quite a sweet underlying scent.

While the smell isn’t initially overpowering when ground up the Lavender has a delicious old school skunky and slightly spicy scent.


The taste didn’t come through so much in my bong, which is a shame. I got a watery aftertaste, but not much actual bud taste through the first bong I hit in the video.

Taking the second hit I decided to use hemp wick and I’m actually impressed – this Lavender seems to have a very mild sweet and floral aftertaste which is quite nice!

Lavender cannabis strain, Lavender Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


I am wondering about the terpene profile of this strain. Does it have a high concentration of linalool? (the terpene also found in Lavender). I’m not sure from smoking it, but I get the enjoyable indica feeling. More relaxation than elation, this could be a good one for pain relief (although not speaking from experience).

I was impressed with the strength of this Lavender cannabis sample – the effects are very apparent a few minutes after the first bong.


As usual, I enjoyed the review this week. The lavender cannabis strain is one that I’ve been looking to try since missing my opportunity to grab some in March, and I’m glad I did!

Watch the video and ISMOKE report below:

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Lavender cannabis strain, Lavender Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE