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Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler Cake Review

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Today on ISMOKE, we are taking a look at a new kind of edible. Our Lemon Dribbler Cake review will provide all the info you need about this fantastic new treat from Kush Family Collective.

Made with natural ingredients, and including 1.75g of cannabis per cake, the result is a cake that not only is a tasty treat, but that also leaves you feeling the effects!

Lemon Dribbler, Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler Cake Review, ISMOKE
Kush Family Collective are a UK-based collective that have previously won a cannabis cup back in 2014 with their ‘Blues’ (blue cheese) cut.

The purpose of today’s review video is to show you the Lemon Dribbler cake in all its glory, discussing flavour, taste, dose and effects!

I also tried out a couple of their strains – Moab (mother of all berries) and Blues, the award-winning blue cheese cut for this Kush Family Collective Special today on ISMOKE Media.

Watch our review video below:

My Thoughts (by Tyler Green)

Appearance and Ingredients:
The presentation was great – the Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler came in a single pot which was sealed and branded. The candided lemon sits nicely on top of the icing which layers the lemon sponge below.

Consistency and Flavour
The cake was tasty and the sponge was moist, making for great flavour throughout. The candided lemon is like eating a lemon sweet as you bite into it, making for even more lemon flavour.

Dosage and Effects
Each slice contains 1.75g of cannabis. Rather than listing a THC dose, Kush Family Collective have opted to include the amount of cannabis used, and it is a lot of bud for a single-serve product! If you plan on eating a whole cake, it advises you do not eat other edibles for a couple of hours as the effects can be strong!

After consuming half of the cake in one sitting, I felt the effects kick in after an hour and a bit – they then continued for quite some time, and I didn’t smoke after eating the cake for at least a few hours!

I then tucked into the second half that evening and once again felt good, although that time continued to smoke throughout.

Overall, I really enjoyed sampling the Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler Cake, and it certainly packs a punch!

In terms of all the edibles I have eaten/reviewed, this has to be one of the best in terms of flavour, and I can’t wait to sample Lemon Dribbler cake no. 2!

Review by Tyler Green for ISMOKE

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