Kosherberriez Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Developed by Dank Hunters Seed Co, Kosherberriez is part of their latest breeding project and will be on sale at BDLTenerife, as well as in seed form via Pure Sativa.

Kosherberriez genetics combine Kosherberries X ZkittleZ (Kosherberries is Kosher Kush X Blueberry). 

Kosherberriez, Kosherberriez Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This one scores good marks in its appearance – Lovely rich dank nugs of well-developed bud, multiple hues and an underlying trichome coverage that isn’t overtly apparent but falls from the bud like snow – all these factors make help Kosherberriez score highly in this area.

This sample has been grown in Coco. I love the way coco-grown bud looks, I think it can look quite pretty, and the Kosherberriez does not disappoint.

Both the density and bud form of this sample are also on point.

Kosherberriez, Kosherberriez Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Capturing a wonderfully-potent mix of ZkittleZ and gassy Kosher terps, Kosherberriez gives off a strong aroma right from the get-go. You can smell this one through the bag! If you can imagine the aroma of OZK or Rainbow Belts, you are not far off.

When you grind up the buds, the smell becomes more complex. The blue terp notes blend deliciously with the ZkittleZ flavour and the Kosher Kush gas, giving the Kosherberriez a distinguishable and enjoyable aroma.

Kosherberriez, Kosherberriez Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Kosherberriez’ flavour carries through into the taste, with notes that were present in its smell detected both in the smoke and the vapour when this strain is consumed.

This strain tastes tantalisingly terpy, with the flavour apparent during the exhalation and leaving behind a lovely taste even after the smoke has cleared.

The Kosherberriez vapour is smooth, cool and distinguishable – it is seriously good, capturing the full flavour profile, unlike some strains where notes can be lost in this area.

Kosherberriez, Kosherberriez Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


As can probably be gauged by its genetics, this strain is certainly a strong one, and Kosherberriez delivers a body-led and mildly sedating high. 

The high kicks in after five or so minutes, with pleasurable waves of relaxation and cheer. This is the type of high that is, in my opinion, well-suited for those after work hours when you want to relax. 

It left me happy and very chilled – I’d say it would definitely make good video game weed.  

Overall, I enjoyed Kosherberriez and will certainly be looking out for this strain again.

You can watch my Kosherberriez strain review here on YouTube