New Dutch King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain

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King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain.

The new Dutch King has his own cannabis strain named after him: ‘Koning Willem Alexander’. After 4 years of researching Dutch cannabis genetics, an organization named ‘Nederwietland’ has developed a new cannabis strain to celebrate the investiture of Prince Willem Alexander, the new King of the Netherlands. The organization claims it has planted seeds for the newly developed strain in the garden of the Prince’s vacation home in Porto Cheli, Greece.

, New Dutch King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain, ISMOKE
Prince Willem-Alexander’s vacation resort in Porto Cheli

With this ludicrous action the organization wants to break open the discussion about the current drug policy in the Netherlands. “The whole weed-pass joke was just the tip of the iceberg that has been on the verge of tipping for a long time already,” Claims Gerrit, one of the people behind the organization and cannabis researcher for many years,

 “the drug policy regarding cannabis has not been making sense for the last 30 years already. We are allowed to smoke, buy and sell cannabis, but nobody is allowed to grow cannabis. So where does all the cannabis that is being sold come from? This results in an environment where more than 6000 illegal plantations get busted each year because all the growing is done by criminal organizations. The government should revise their policy and legalize cannabis so they can tolerate and regulate the growing of cannabis.” The organization uses fake names because they are afraid the monarch might not like having a cannabis strain named after him.

The organization has published a manifest on a Tumblr site and will offer the new strain on the internet. More actions are planned in the future as Nederwietland is planning to send every citizen of the Netherlands a single seed to their homes. The new cannabis strain has been developed to easily grow in the bare Dutch weather. “Anybody with a small balcony will be able to grow this weed and within 8 weeks it will give enough cannabis to last a year.” claims Gerrit with a big smile.

When asking for more information about the plants in the Princes garden Gerrit smiles and admits that this should be taken as a bit of a joke because the organization does not want to do anything illegal to ask for attention for this cause.

, New Dutch King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain, ISMOKEHemcy, an international cannabis blog, is supporting the initiative by co-producing the new strain. The new strain is now available on Hemcy as well as in other Dutch cannabis seedshops.

“Nederwietland has a good point which we would like to support. The whole drug policy in the Netherlands might seem liberal for other countries, but many things don’t make too much sense. Hopefully this action will get more attention for this topic and who knows; maybe the new King will speak up as well. I heard he is a pretty descent, typical Dutch, fellow,” says Charlie, blogger for Hemcy.

Charlie has already had the pleasure to test the King Willem-Alexander and claims it grows and tastes fantastic. Almost Royal.