Why Keeping Cannabis Illegal is Selfish


In this cannavlog I wanted to discuss how I believe it is selfish to continue the current state of affairs when it comes to cannabis prohibition.

I don’t just mean the prohibitionists are selfish who are arguing to maintain the status quo – there are also people, some even cannabis consumers, who state they are happy with the current situation, which admittedly has become one of arbitrary enforcement, likely brought about by excessive police cuts during this current Government’s last two terms in office which has simply left them too stretched in many places to focus on cannabis.

However, without legalisation and regulation, this grey area issue will continue to present itself, with the vulnerable falling victim to prohibition depending on where they happen to live in the country. It’s the same old story. Even decriminalisation isn’t the answer, as it will not generate the money for the UK that could help our economy in wake of the economic uncertainties that Brexit is likely to bring.

Why Keeping Cannabis illegal is selfish from ISMOKE on Vimeo.