Jaffa Berry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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In this episode of the ISMOKE Strain Review series we are looking at Jaffa Berry, a cross of Mother of All Berries X Jaffa Bone bred by Mean Beanz.


Jaffa Berry, Jaffa Berry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Resembling the Jaffa Caked Cookies we reviewed previously, the Jaffa Berry is covered in sparkly trichomes, giving it a very light-coloured appearance.

This strain sits more on the indica end of the spectrum (indica hybrid) and the nugs show this.


Jaffa Berry, Jaffa Berry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The Jaffa Berry smells a bit like MOAB, but this has gone its own way. However that coffee-cannabis-berry-inspired aroma of the MOAB is there, but I would say it is the predominant smell.

Purple, berry, coffee and cannabis notes are all present in the smell of this one!


Jaffa Berry, Jaffa Berry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The flavour of Jaffa Berry comes through really well through the vaporiser – I get dank berries with hints of purple.

The smoke is nice but includes a little bit of bite towards the end, particularly noticeable through my bong. Weird as this wasn’t a head-related issue; some strains just seem more expansive.

Vaping the Jaffa Bone was very nice, and out of the two is my preferred consumption method.


Jaffa Berry, Jaffa Berry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

I initially got an uplift when I smoked this strain, but that progressed into a real body-led stone and some proper relaxation.

This strain is strong, but it didn’t affect my chatting ability as much as I would have expected.


Jaffa Berry is a nice smoke and an even nicer vape. It didn’t taste like Jaffa Caked Cookies at all, despite resembling it, instead of taking on the MOAB sort of taste which I still appreciated.

I enjoyed this and would smoke again, the high was lovely. Probably wouldn’t go down as a favourite of mine, but the MOAB influence in addition to the effects of this strain make it a great evening smoke!

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