ITV News Cannabis Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority Want Cannabis Legalised in the UK

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This story is ongoing and is subject to change.

A poll conducted by ITV News today is showing an overwhelming majority of people in the UK want to see cannabis legalised.

“Cannabis should be legalised to bring the UK up to speed with a growing number of Western countries and end the “embarrassment” of domestic drugs policy, MPs have said.

Lib Dem former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and former health minister Norman Lamb have joined Labour and Tory figures to back a new report which claims legalisation of the class B drug could net the Treasury more than £1 billion a year in tax revenue.”

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When I cast my vote this morning it was around 83% wanting to see cannabis legalised. When last checked it was at 92%:

ITV News Cannabis Poll, ITV News Cannabis Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority Want Cannabis Legalised in the UK, ISMOKE
ITV News Cannabis Poll Results

Political timing may not be great, but the mood is certainly changing and cannabis perceptions are shifting away from the negative propaganda we saw sprouted time and time again by the Nation’s tabloids.

I think I’ve seen more cannabis news from main news outlets in the last two months than I had seen in the previous 6, and more positive stories than I have encountered in all my years of activism are coming from UK news sources almost daily at the moment.

Hopefully this ITV News Cannabis Poll will be widely publicised by ITV News to their millions of viewers, further showing the failures of cannabis prohibition in the UK.

Also launching today, Volteface’s The Tide Effect. This publication takes a look at several aspects of cannabis legalisation and puts across a great case. I’ve read the report and I’m attending the launch event this evening, with plans to write about the publication in more detail this week. Watch this space!

You can view the news article and cast your vote here:



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