ISMOKE 2016 Year in Photos

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Happy New Year from the team at ISMOKE!

We wanted to take a look back at last year’s photos to gather together some of our favourites.

You can view the full album (90+ Photos) on our facebook page here.

But without further ado, here are our top Photos from 2016 (In No Particular Order):

We love this shot of Instagram user and London Smoking Club member Jammin2016 taken at the recent December secret session.

Jammin’s face says it all! We can’t remember the strain he is holding, but it made our day!

Just look at the quality of this Shoreline strain. The purple and the green together make this a really unique looking bit of bud.

This was also spotted at the LSC Christmas session along with a lot of other great flavours!

This super close up of the Diesel Auto has a great balance of Crystals and colour, making this our favourite macro shot of the year!

Featured around Summer 2016, we remember waiting for a month for this to cure while trying our hardest not to smoke it! It was worth it in the end..

Tyler Green discusses cannabis with a police officer and a community support officer who were tasked with patrolling a peaceful cannabis event in Portsmouth.

The event was held by Hampshire Cannabis Community back in the Autumn. A relatively small event, there was no need for the police to be there or watching us, and we made sure to let them know that.

Hopefully one day soon the laws will change and they can stop wasting their time and ours at cannabis events.

A close-up pic of Indulgently Green’s Gummy Bears captures their colours in all their glory!

These were given to us in the Spring of 2016 and were one of our first edible treats of the year.

This photo with Black The Ripper was taken at Green Pride, held by Brighton Cannabis Club.

This was the first photo featuring Tyler Green that we published!

Some CBD Flower and CBD Extract from NSUK CBD which we reviewed earlier in 2016.

One of our first CBD reviews and also one of the first videos we published on our youtube channel!

A group of proud cannabis users holding up ISMOKE Flyers during the Hyde Park 420 celebrations this year in London.

Hyde Park this year was where we really started pushing the ISMOKE relaunch, catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones!

This Stardawg bud spotted at the UKCSC AGM in Leicester this year was something special.

Although Stardawg just didn’t make our list of top cannabis strains it is still a great bit of bud, and we could just stare at the photo above for hours on end!

Rolling a joint behind-the-scenes during a legalise cannabis photoshoot in 2016. We have since ditched the tobacco and haven’t looked back!)

We have since ditched the tobacco and haven’t looked back!

We met Big Narstie!

This photo was taken at a secret location at a coffeeshop in London around October 2016.

Love this photo captured from a cannabis event in the summer months in Hemel Hempstead!

We attended many events this year, and enjoyed every one of them. Events like this show the power of the cannabis community to come together.

Lovely bit of BHO (highly potent cannabis extract) spotted at Green Pride, Brighton.

Slabs like this would take a good few ounces to create!

This was taken at  Nugsofbeauty’s Summer BBQ.

Posing for photos with ISMOKE Friends. This was another great cannabis event!

Lots of documenting on cannabis events throughout the year.

This photo was taken from a LEAP UK event called ‘stop and search’ where they discuss drugs policy.

And finally, this waas taken on the beach with Durham Cannabis Social Club at the Hampshire Cannabis Community Cannabis BBQ.

View more photos here on our Facebook Page!

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