ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16

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We’ve had another busy week with ISMOKE! Here is what we’ve been posting about.

1. ISMOKE Cannabis Seeds Competition!

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16, ISMOKE

It has probably been over two years since we have given away free cannabis seeds to our readers and we wanted to run a new competition, with three ways to enter. Here are full details on how to enter:

2. 5 Cannabis Facts You May Not Know Vol.2

After the mild success of our first cannabis facts video (We are gaining subscribers daily and people are giving great feedback despite it being our first proper video!) we released the second edition of the facts series this week. Watch it above, and subscribe to our channel on Youtube for more of ISMOKE Media.

3. Portable Cannabis Vaporisers

In this VLOG we talk about a couple of portable vaporisers we are using for our cannabis and the differences between the two – dry herb vs ejuice. Watch it above!

4. Cannabis Documentaries on ISMOKE Media

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16, ISMOKE
We love cannabis media, and are collecting it into different playlists for our readers alongside our own video content.

5. Buy Cannabis Oil in the UK

Vlog in which we discuss where you can purchase cannabis cbd oil in the UK.

6. Stop and Search – Discussing Current Drugs Laws in the UK

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16, ISMOKE

We attended a podcast called ‘Stop and Search‘ in association with LEAP UK, a new live event where they record a monthly show discussing current drugs laws.

7. London Coffeeshops?

We were excited to hear about the existence of London Cannabis coffeeshops this week.

8. UK Tabloid Reefer Madness: Cannabis Leads To An Early Death?

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16, ISMOKEYou won’t see ISMOKE reposting articles from the likes of The Mirror, The Daily Mail or other tabloids – these are not trusted news sources.

We will, however, call them out on what we find to be clear propaganda. This has been the inspiration for today’s post.

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, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 29/4/16, ISMOKE