ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16

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This week on ISMOKE:

More Data Shows Cannabis Prices Continue To Fall In US

, ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16, ISMOKEWe wrote an article earlier this week, describing how Cannabis prices are falling across the US due to legalisation in some states.

Well, according to the Washington Post, Jonathan Caulkins, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and Steve Davenport of the Pardee RAND Graduate School recently aggregated price data on cannabis for the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board and concluded that the cost of the cannabis is “now steadily falling at about 2 percent per month.”

United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs Support Your Right To Grow Cannabis

, ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16, ISMOKE

Here is a new meme by our friends over at United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. They’re helping make cannabis clubs all over the UK a reality and like ISMOKE they’re fighting for your right to use cannabis legally in the UK both medicinally and recreationally.

We Made Cannabis Butter & CannaFudge – Here’s How It Turned Out

, ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16, ISMOKEWe had a great weekend at ISMOKE making cannabis butter and baking batches of delicious cannabis fudge.

Baking is something we don’t do enough of, but after trying numerous edibles over the past few weeks we decided to bake up some of our own delicious canna-treats.

Here is the ISMOKE Cannabis Butter & Cannabis Fudge Recipe.

The Ultimate Tabler

We got our hands on ‘The Ultimate Tabler’, a product for rolling joints on the move.

The ultimate tabler is made up of two interlocking bits of plastic which come in a variety of colours. This allows for easy storage, and it’s perfect for our travel box, replacing a home-made v tray that we made out of a flyer.

Stop and Search: Cannabis Reform and Grassroot Revolutions
, ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16, ISMOKE

We attended the second instalment of  the LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) event Stop and Search, this time focusing on Cannabis Reform and Grassroot Revolutions.

As the name suggests, last night had more of a focus on cannabis reform than the previous event.

NSUK CBD Product Review

As we continue our quest to map the UK CBD market, we are speaking with several CBD companies about the products they have to offer. One of these companies is NSUK (Natural Supplements UK) CBD who have been making cannabis oil since 2012.

One thing we were particularly impressed with about NSUK CBD from the outset was their friendly approach – they were happy to answer our questions about their products and also sent us lab reports on cannabinoid content. The products arrived well-packed by recorded delivery.

ISMOKE Interviews Remedy: Barcelona Cannabis Club

, ISMOKE Weekly RoundUp 27/5/16, ISMOKECannabis social clubs are an important part of the legalisation movement here in the UK as they enable cannabis users to organise themselves, network and meet in a smoke-friendly environment. Out in Spain the cannabis clubs are a legal part of society, and this has led to many being set up, particularly in Barcelona.

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Russ Hudson, an American living in Barcelona who talked about the situation with the country’s cannabis clubs. This week we sat down with Harry, the manager at Remedy, a cannabis club in Barcelona, to give more insight about how things are out there, and what it is like running a cannabis club in Barcelona.

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