ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 22/4/16

This week on the ISMOKE network we have been getting quite excited about 420 and a lot of the posts have been talking about the holiday and how it went. Without further ado, here is the weekly roundup on ISMOKE:


Today we want to let you know about the ISMOKE Youtube Channel, your new source of cannabis videos and info.

You may have noticed a new banner on the side of this page, linking to our Youtube Channel. We recently uploaded our first cannabis facts youtube video, which you can watch below:

5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the States – ISMOKEHERB

Canada has Confirmed it is legalising cannabis in 2017

Great news for the worldwide fight to legalise cannabis as Canada confirms it will legalise and regulate Cannabis from Spring 2017.

They actually announced this yesterday – on 420! Apparently, this wasn’t intentional, but we couldn’t think of a more fitting time.

Yesterday was 420 – Here’s how it went down in Hyde Park, London

Here are our experiences of 420 in Hyde Park including photos from the day!