ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16

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We have had another busy week with ISMOKE – here is what we’ve been posting about on ISMOKEHERB and ISMOKE Magazine:

Stoned People Surprised by Sloth
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This needs no introduction – watch the video, now!

THC 411 – cannabis Clothing Brand
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKEWe were sent a great T-Shirt from a new UK-based cannabis clothing brand, THC 411.

ISMOKE Cannabis Facts: 5 Cannabis Facts That You May Not Know 01

Cannabis Art by SuperApplePie
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
Feature on US-based Stoner Artist SuperApple Pie. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of SuperApplePie’s Kush Colouring Books, which has already provided us with hours of high entertainment.

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Why Does Cannabis Make Music Sound Better?
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
For most people, music is an integral part of life. A song can remind us of our first kiss, dance, or even heart-break. We listen to specific music when we are happy and different music when we are sad. For many, this is experience is enhanced when the same song is experienced under the influence of cannabis.

This is what 3000 grams of Cannabis Looks Like
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
Coined ‘Dragon Balls’ because of their appearance, and looking very much like Sauraman’s Orpalantir in Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, these magnificent orbs are filled with cannabis oil that contains up to 99% THC.

Howard Marks 1945-2016
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
We were very sad this week to hear of the passing of Howard Marks. Howard was a personal hero of ours, and one of the highlights of the magazine three-and-a-half years ago was when we got to interview him to get an insight into what made him tick.

Beginner’s Guide to Feminised Cannabis Seeds
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
Feminised cannabis seeds have become a firm favourite for collectors and growers throughout Europe in recent years. As genetically modified seeds, they have been cultivated to be stable and regular and are now recognised for their benefits against ‘normal’ seeds.

The Benefits of CBD Oil
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
Here’s a great feature on CBD oil, it’s medical applications and some info on where to purchase it in the UK.

5 Ways To Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience
, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 16/4/16, ISMOKE
Vaping is the preferred consumption method of many Cannabis users. Cannabis Vaping allows you to get access to the goodness of cannabinoids, but without the occurrence of combustion. One of the options for this method of consumption is to use a portable vaporiser.