ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 14/5/16

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It has been another busy week on ISMOKE. Here is what we’ve been writing about:

ISMOKE Mission Statement: How We Are Trying to Help UK Cannabis Users

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 14/5/16, ISMOKE

A lot of you will remember us when we were just starting out back in 2011. Since then we’ve been publishing cannabis content and fighting for cannabis legalisation.

For those of you new here, you may be wondering just what the ISMOKE Network is, and how we provide a voice to Cannabis users here in the UK. This article written by ISMOKE founder Nuff Said explains that and more.

California Chef Brings Cannabis To Fine Dining

Edibles are nothing new, and there are already some great options on the market, particularly if you are lucky enough to live somewhere in the world with relaxed cannabis laws.

But now Los Angeles-based chef Chris Sayegh is bringing THC-infused meals to the world of fine dining.

His meals contain cannabis extract, and although you can’t taste the cannabis, they will get you high.

ISMOKE Cannabis Facts Recap

We had another look this week at our first two cannabis facts videos which you can watch now on Youtube.

Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 14/5/16, ISMOKE

Perception of cannabis worldwide is currently undergoing a massive shift. There are just too many good stories from across the globe to ignore and it is becoming increasingly difficult for media sources to try and push the old cannabis propaganda. Over the past week, we have seen (comparatively) positive cannabis features on both The Daily Mail and The Mirror asking whether legalisation may be the sensible way forward, and this shows just how much the media over here in the UK is beginning to shift.

As we continue our fight to legalise cannabis both for medicinal and recreational purposes in the UK, other countries are steaming ahead with the green industry.

One country that has had a legal cannabis scene for a few years now is Spain, where cannabis social clubs are legally allowed to operate on a private member’s club basis.

This is What Happens If You Eat 1000MG of THC in Cannabis Edibles

There are a lot of cannabis-focused youtubers in the US who upload daily cannabis content and info which often features crazy challenges including massive dab hits, multi bongs, extreme cannabis edibles and more.

We’ve been following Crutch420’s youtube channel for a while, and recently watched a video he made last year when he his his first 1000 subscribers. To celebrate, Crutch consumes over 1000mg of THC (also known as one gram, but that certainly sounds less impressive). Just to put that in perspective, the average dose in products we have seen/bought in the UK are around 50-100mg so this is between 10-20 doses in one go.

Prosecutor Says That Legalising Cannabis Could Help Defeat Terrorism

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 14/5/16, ISMOKEIn recent years, calls to end the global war on drugs, particularly against cannabis, have grown louder — and show no signs of stopping. As evidence continues to mount showing the decriminalisation of cannabis can have profound benefits, however, one potential side effect of ending the costly battle against the plant is only beginning to gain attention.