Here is what has been happening across the ISMOKE network this week:

Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 11/6/16, ISMOKEOver the past couple of months ISMOKE has been working to establish relationships with companies operating in the CBD market here in the UK.

Last week we went to meet UKCBD, a CBD product distributor based in Kent who sell a range of CBD products from a variety of sources on-site.

Dabbing CBD Extract – ISMOKE Reviews “Cherry Hemp” Concentrates

How To Make RSO, Hash, Rosin and More: Cannabis How-to-Guides

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 11/6/16, ISMOKE

In this great ISMOKE Youtube playlist you can learn all sorts of things you can do with cannabis, from making hashish, to making your own Rick Simpson oil, rolling a diamond joint and more.

Cannabis Medicinal Studies Update June 2016

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 11/6/16, ISMOKE

There have been various medical studies released recently showing benefits of the cannabis plant. Indeed, Leafly reports that studies done on Cannabis now vastly outnumber those done on other FDA-approved medications.

Indulgently Green’s Guide to Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

, ISMOKE Weekly Roundup 11/6/16, ISMOKE

I fell in love with cannabis infused coconut oil when a friend came round with about 100g of mulch weed, basically a big bag of medium grade bud dust and stalk. He’d been playing around with cannabis infused coconut oil but hadn’t quite hit the strength/dosage on the head yet. I suggested we make it using the same simple process as making Cannabis-infused butter. Throw all the mulch in a pot with water and coconut oil and simmer it for an hour. In my past experience using mulch in butter I’d found that roughly 1g of material is good for one person’s dose, using that information we agreed to put 130g of coconut oil in the pot, taking into consideration that some of the coconut oil would probably get lost in the process, as there was a lot of plant material there that would trap some of it, ultimately we hoped to end up with roughly 100g yield. (I have since refined my process so as my final yield is actually higher than the amount of coconut oil I put into the pot, accounting for the weight of the cannabinoids the coconut oil has absorbed)

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