ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Strains 2016

ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Strains 2016

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As 2016 draws to a close I wanted to take a minute to look back at some of the amazing cannabis strains I have had the pleasure of sampling throughout the year.

And what a year it’s been! We have rebranded, relaunched and created ISMOKE Media, unveiling our youtube channel back in April.

Since then it has been a bit of a blur, and I am finding it hard to believe that as I write this the last day of 2016 ticks by…

So I thought it fitting to see the year out with a bang, and take a look back at my top 5 cannabis strains 2016!

Starting from my fifth to my absolute top favourite:

ISMOKE top 5 cannabis strains 2016

top 5 cannabis strains 2016, ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Strains 2016

5. Shoreline – El Danko

Grown by Old El Danko, this Shoreline strain carried an intense and mouthwatering flavour. The buds were purple, and it was different enough to catch my eye. I really enjoyed this one.

That berry taste and! More berry than Mother of All Berries, Shoreline is a great daytime smoke.

4. Holy Grail Kush – Loud Kushi

This strain knocked my socks off when I reviewed it recently for ISMOKE Media. The flavour is very strong and gassy and the genetics are top class.

Although this wasnt the first time I had sampled Holy Grail Kush, this particular batch that I reviewed for ISMOKE Media was something special, and takes the number 4 spot on my top 5 list.

3. Skywalker OG – Croman

It was a very recent strain review that saw me sampling Croman’s Skywalker OG. This bud was incredibly dense and the smell was one of the strongest OG smells I can remember.

The flavour and the effects matched up perfectly, making this my number 3 cannabis strain of the year.

Runner Up:

2. KosherDawg – Greenhouse Seeds

One of the strains I sampled out in Amsterdam, this KosherDawg was the first strain I was recommended when I arrived in Greenhouse Coffeeshop.

The flavour was so good that I spent the rest of the holiday trying to better it, but to no avail! Definitely one of my top cannabis strains this year.


1. Blackberry Kush – Leeds Cannabis Club

One of my first proper strain reviews featured Blackberry Kush, and I was so impressed with the flavour that I made a mental note then and there that anything that followed would need to beat this to even be considered for a top spot on my list of top cannabis strains 2016.

It wasn’t the strongest bit of bud, nor the most gassy. But it was different enough from everything else that it left a lasting impression.

The buds are jet purple, with wild hairs protruding and vivid as you can see in the photo below. And the taste…wow. I love the berry flavour, and this blackberry kush puts even other berry strains to shame. Quite simply Ribena in cannabis form, this was my favourite cannabis strain of 2016.

This strain was fantastic, a real pleasure to smoke, making it top our list of ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Strains 2016

Bonus: Special Mention

I’ve tried Stardawg on numerous occasions this year, and have almost always been impressed.

The best Stardawg I sampled was found at the UKCSC 1st AGM in November, although I have also seen some great varieties at the London Smoking Club.

Bonus 2: ISMOKE Top Cannabis Extract

As another bonus, I wanted to share my top cannabis extract this year.

Purple Diesel Cannabis Extract

Without a doubt, hands down, it has to be Marvel Extracts Purple Diesel.

The clarity, potency and flavour are all excellent, making this extract truly something special. Dabs after this one just haven’t felt the same!


So, there you have it. ISMOKE top 5 cannabis strains 2016, plus a couple of extra special mentions!

Feature by Tyler Green

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