ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016

ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016

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The city of Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shops and seed banks, and we have been heading over to The Netherlands for a sort of annual pilgrimage ever since we first visited when ISMOKE was a mere infant, back in 2010. Today on ISMOKE we will take you through our ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016.

For us, Amsterdam these days is more about heading to the usual spots and seeing the new strains available than it is a city of discovery as it has been for us in previous years.

That being said, we went this year loaded with some excellent recommendations from the ISMOKE audience, and managed to get some great new strains in some lovely new spots.

Here are our ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016:

  1. Greenhouse Coffeeshop (On the same road as Barneys, Dampkring)
    Still our favourite genetics, Green House seeds co. offers some amazing varieties including super lemon haze, Arjun’s ultra haze (This year they had Arjun’s strawberry kush, which tasted like a cross of that with some good kush), and some incredibly peng isolator hash.

    The ice bongs, volcano vaporiser and multiple levels of seating all make this a good place to chill out. We also visited another Greenhouse Coffee Shop in another part of the city and got some excellent Blueberry Kush!

  2. Kosher Dawg
    This year in Greenhouse was no exception – and we were greeted with Kosher Dawg – Kosher Kush X Chemdawg as our first strain to sample as soon as we arrived. We spent the rest of the trip trying to find weed that was as good as this, but to no avail!Hands down best strain of the trip.

    Maybe we peaked too early?

  3. Pancakes Amsterdam
    Having some severe allergies makes it difficult to eat out, especially in a foreign country. However, the staff over at Pancakes Amsterdam had both nut and gluten free options, meaning we could enjoy both sweet and savoury pancakes at our leisure.

    The pancakes were delicious!

  4. Voyagers Coffee Shop
    The range of bud on offer at Voyagers was great – we purchased Glue Dream (Gorilla Glue #4 X Blue Dream) and some Kosher Kush, then immediately smoked it all and purchased a second batch.

    Great range of cannabis on offer and we went in at a time which wasn’t super busy, so we got a seat and a nice smoking environment.

  5. Glass Micro BongThis little micro bong was an absolute life-saver – and I can’t believe we didn’t purchase it until the second evening!Bongs are my personal favourite method of consumption and although I love a good (pure) joint, bongs get me a lot higher a lot more quickly.

    After purchasing this little bad boy the rest of the evening and part of the next day are a bit of a haze!

So, those are our ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam highlights 2016. Now you can watch our video highlights from the Amsterdam trip below.

The stitched-together footage from our Amsterdam trip this November is a combo of digital cam footage, phone foots and even some snapchat stories thrown in for good measure:

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