Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

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Here at ISMOKE we are no strangers to Cannabis extract. When we visit Amsterdam we like to buy extract from Greenhouse Coffeeshop which is pretty costly at 40-60 euros per gram, but tastes delicious.

Imagine our delight when we received this deluxe dabbing kit from with all the tools we need to separate and store our own extract, including two dabbing tools, extract pots and a dabbing mat to make sure things don’t get lost or messy:

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

If that wasn’t enough, Aztech also offer free Cannabis Seeds with every order, something I haven’t seen from any other head shop. We received two Hawaiian Skunk Haze X White Rhino Cannabis Seeds and one AutoMazar Cannabis seed from Dutch Passion.

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

With the whole deluxe dabbing kit plus free Cannabis Seeds priced at £15 + £3.50 postage and packaging this is a great deal, and having used this kit to make our own extract we can safely say that it is an essential component, and we couldn’t have separated or stored our extract properly without the tools and pots included.

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

Aztech are an online headshop based in the UK that pride themselves on being ‘homegrown’, offering a whole host of stoner essentials. The also provide a source of cannabis info through their blog and social media. They are as far as we are aware the only headshop to offer free cannabis seeds with every order, allowing customers to stock up on world-class seeds at no extra cost with every order. You can head over and like/follow Aztech on Facebook and Instagram or buy a deluxe dabbing kit here.

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

We were using the T-Rex Rosin Extractor, which is an excellent way to make Cannabis Extract. The machine heats up to your required temperature quickly, and making extract is as simple as putting the flower or hash in some baking/parchment paper and pressing down for 10 minutes.

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

After a few tries, we got the right temperature and time, making this delicious extract which looks just like what we’ve been sampling in Greenhouse Coffeeshop in Amsterdam:

, Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit ReviewMmm…Tasty! For more info check out our ISMOKE Guide to using the T-Rex Cannabis Extraction Machine


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