ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

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Earlier this month I traveled to the Lake District to visit the Black Sail Lodge. Located 6 miles away from the nearest road, the Black Sail lodge is a youth hostel in season, but can be hired exclusively during the winter.

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

The trip was a hiking holiday, with walks scheduled each day we were there.

The scenery was breathtaking, with peaks, brooks and awesome landscape as far as the eye could see (and well beyond).

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

Heading to the Lake District at the start of November wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be, but the weather was beginning to turn and we were faced with patches of rain, sleet and wind in addition to the more neutral weather.

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

A few of us on the trip were not avid walkers, so we had prepared buy visiting shops like Decathlon to grab waterproof clothes and thermals.

Of course, it also wouldn’t have been a proper trip without my dab rig and some flowers – the group I went with all brought plenty to smoke and dab and we stayed high throughout the trip.

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

Smoking highlights included Bear’s Wedding Cake, Roadrunner’s Lemon Drizzle Flower and Manor Farms’ Guava Dawg. I also took my CBD Dabs by The Goods on the trip for CBD dabs along the way.

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

We also cooked our meals whilst we were there on two evenings – veggie burgers and salad one evening and ratatouille the following night.

On the walk back on the final day we took a woodland trail back to the cars which was about 8 miles, made more interesting with the addition of our packs to carry.

Throughout our trip the air was lovely, and despite the rain and mud it felt like a brilliant place to breathe!

, ISMOKE Lake District Trip 2019

Overall our Black Sail 2019 trip was a fun adventure into Nature – I enjoyed the company, the smoke and the dabs, and it was good to push myself further than usual with a lot of walking.

You can watch my travel vlog about the Lake District trip on our YouTube channel

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