ISMOKE Interviews: Watermelon Girl

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, ISMOKE Interviews: Watermelon Girl
– Where do you think Canada is going with cannabis and law, can you foresee light at the end of the tunnel, if so, how will it pan out?

My bet is that cannabis as medicine will be widely accepted one day soon and it will be odd to reflect back on a time when it wasn’t. Absurd really.

– Have you a life outside of weed?

Tango Dance.

– You’re a comic, you host events and are no stranger to the stage, is this a stimulating part of what you do? Do you enjoy the live buzz and interaction?

Lately I have been a hermit. This too shall pass.

I’m sure ISMOKE readers agree that we would like to see more of her in the UK.

– Do you have favourite strains, do you use much cannabis yourself?

I like all cannabis. I am an old fashioned doobie smoker. I used to smoke cigarettes so now I just smoke joints. About 2 or three a day.

– If you ran the world, what changes would be made?

I would free the weed and outlaw car alarms.

– What’s the future got in store for Watermelon Girl?

I am working on becoming the Martha Stewart of weed with my new cooking series Baking A Fool Of Myself. Check out: – It’s free, it’s informative, and it’s exactly what the world needs now.

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