ISMOKE Interviews: Watermelon Girl

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, ISMOKE Interviews: Watermelon Girl
– What are your personal favourite recipes, what does Watermelon Girl cook for herself?

My gingersnap cookie has been my signature product. It tastes great. It stores great (it actually gets better with age). It travels great and it has paid my rent for the last ten years. But I have to say I love getting high on my Rum Resin Balls the most. However, after our last day of shooting we all ate the Spinakopita “Puff” Pastries and got obliterated. They were so good. This is a tough question. I am a Baker, who much like a mother, loves all her children equally for different reasons.

Described as the Heidi Fleiss of weed due to the immeasurably large ‘little black book’ of clients, Watermelon has a duty to be discreet. With famed faces that would cause a stir, curiosity would surely get the better of anyone. Ever the professional, Watermelon keeps her cards close to her chest. –

– Any faces that you‘ve been surprised to see?

I cannot reveal my list of “secret agents” but I am never surprised at who smokes weed. I am surprised by those who don’t. I know a lot of people who should smoke weed instead of dropping pharmaceutical pills like tick tacks.

– You have been arrested have you not? For nude dealing?

I was dealing in the nude. I wasn’t arrested for being nude. Now I only sell to nude people.

– Would it be fair to say you are perhaps the pin up girl of cannabis?

We titled my very first cover girl for High Times Sept 2000 “Marijuana Monroe”. We have gone on to do many parodies such as Jungle Mary Jane, Cleopotra, Betty Bud, Little Miss Puffit, and so many more check out or

– Being involved in cannabis culture, have you met many people along the way? Any name dropping you’d like to do? Anyone you’d like to meet?

Yeah I would like to meet more politicians with the balls to do what needs to be done in order to reverse this outrageous drug war sooner rather than later. I’d like to meet more cops with an agenda for real crime priorities. I’d like to meet the judges that release wrongfully imprisoned marijuana users from jail and back to their families where they belong.

It’s fair to say, Watermelon has a grit & valour that sets her aside from the casual activist. Not afraid to speak up for what she believes in; her high profile places Watermelon in judicial reprisal.

– On the flip side, is there anyone you’ve met and wish hadn’t?

No but I can think of a few lawyers and police who wish they hadn’t met me. Most law enforcers just want you to swallow a bogus plea bargain and go home with a criminal record without too much trouble. By not plea bargaining I made a lot of people have to defend their position as well as figure out what exactly that position was. My third acquittal in a Provincial Court forced the powers that be to change many of their standard operating procedures (SOP) and poked quite a few holes in their legislation. Either that or it demonstrated some major flaws. Now when the cops come for me they know they must be ready for legal challenge. I suggest all readers do the same and never plea bargain. This will do a few things. It will give you a fighting chance at not gaining a criminal record. It will overwhelm the courts with petty possession charges in a world with real problems, and it will force the courts to address any inconsistencies they have with their current legislation. I say “don’t make their job easy”. An arresting cop once told me he was just doing “his job” I said “Yeah, me too, I am just doing my job. What makes you so fucking special.”

– How do you think the laws are currently doing in North America? Have you witnessed much progression, or regression, in attitudes?

Cannabis is coming whether big pharma likes it or not. The court of public opinion is getting less and less afraid of pot smokers. Once people no longer want us behind bars it will be hard for politicians and law makers to use it as their platform for elections or budgets.

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