ISMOKE Interviews Series 1

ISMOKE Interviews Series 1

, ISMOKE Interviews Series 1In Summer 2017 we began planning for our first interview series featuring UK cannabis activists.

Over the next few months, we researched, filmed and edited the interviews, preparing the series for launch in November 2017.

All three have now been released, and you can watch (and read) them below.

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Episode 1 – Sy Dignam

Our first episode in this series features Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community.

Sy is a prominent cannabis activist in the South of England. For the past few years we have met Sy at pretty much every event that we have attended, and always see him flying the Hampshire Cannabis Community banner loud and proud!

We sat down with Sy in this episode to see what drives him and what his aims and ideas are around the blossoming cannabis industry in the UK.

You can also read the transcript for episode 1 featuring Sy Dignam here

Episode 2 – Simpa Carter

Our second episode in the series features Simpa Carter, based in Durham.

Simpa is both the Founder and the Chairman of Durham City Cannabis Club and also writes a weekly column for ISMOKE Magazine.

We first met Simpa at Green Pride in 2016, and since then have been working together to promote cannabis awareness across the UK. In this episode, we wanted to give you an insight into the man behind Durham City Cannabis Club, Psy4Psy and others!

You can also read the transcript for episode 2 featuring Simpa Carter here

Episode 3 – Clark French

Our third and final episode in this series features United Patients Alliance Founder and Director Clark French.

Clark is somebody who we’ve known for a number of years in this industry. He set up the UPA in 2014 and helps raise awareness for MS and wider medical benefits of cannabis in the UK.

Clark has featured on a number of mainstream news and media outlets talking about the medical benefits of cannabis and how it personally helps him to live a better life, by helping with the symptoms of his MS.

In this episode, we wanted to talk to Clark about his passions, his work with the UPA and his insight into medical cannabis in the UK.

You can also read the transcript for episode 3 featuring Clark French here

This was one of the most rewarding and insightful projects we have undertaken to date.

Despite us underestimating the workload, resulting in it taking a bit longer to get these fully ready and aired on the ISMOKE Channel than we had initially anticipated, we had fun along the way and learnt a lot about all the guests, which is saying something, because they were all people we have known in the industry for a while!