ISMOKE Interviews: Elro Raps

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, ISMOKE Interviews: Elro Raps, ISMOKE

This month, ISMOKE spoke to Ian Llewellyn-Rowe, also known as Elro Raps who has been getting some well-deserved attention in the music industry recently with his witty, funny rhymes – collaborating with the likes of Ed Sheeran and JME:

You’ve been generating a lot of well-deserved hype for your youtube videos, what got you into rapping and into the comical style you’ve become known for?

I did stand up comedy for a couple of years, and I also started writing rap music, but never really combined the two on stage, so I just wacked them on youtube and here we are now! I guess I just like trying to write in a different way to others.

What sort of music do you listen to and enjoy most?

I’m hip hop through and through to be honest. But I also love reggae, dance, grime… almost anything, although I don’t listen to much rock.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Making a crowd buzz, and meeting people that you’ve never met who are big fans, that’s always a big buzz.

Where’s the best place you’ve been to?

Oohhhhh, Umm, I’d probably say Ibiza… I went there this summer with my mates and had an unbelievably good week partying in the sun. That place is dreamland.

So, do you smoke cannabis?

I’ve been known too… LOL

When did you get into it, and what do you like best about being high?

I guess lots of my mates smoke it and then I just tried it, and enjoyed it. I like how creative and weird (in a good way) I am. Me and my mates come up with stuff that people would never even contemplate. Its also relaxing if you’ve had a long day.

Do you remember the best experience you ever had while high?

I couldn’t really pick one particular one out, there’s so many good ones. Although watching the Streets live in Bristol after a spliff was pretty damn good.

Ever been to Amsterdam?

I haven’t

What do you think about the current laws surrounding cannabis in the UK?

I think its a bit ridiculous really, that police can come and hassle you when you’re not even bothering anyone but yourself. Its ridiculous. Police are not for me really.

Would you ever consider moving out to the states where you could get a medical card?

I’m not that desperate lol, I don’t like to smoke it too much anyway cos if I smoke too much, I just become even more lazy and unproductive and lazy, thats just my personality anyway so I don’t blame cannabis, but I try not to smoke too much too often.

How long have you been rapping for?

I’d say 3 years or so, but not particularly seriously. Only seriously the last 18 months or so.

What in your opinion is the best track you’ve done?

In terms of listenability, probably “My Eyes Are Red” (pretty fitting eh lol), I just messed about with beatboxing and vocal layers and people seem to find it catchy and listenable which makes me very happy. People appreciating my stuff, and saying things like “I always smoke a splif to your song” gives me tingles.

What’s your favourite 8 Bars of your own?

Hmmmmmm, my favourite… I was pretty proud of my bars about randomness. They seem to be popular too, I don’t really know to be honest, I’m proud of them all, I try not to put any bars out there if I’m not buzzing about them.

And finally, please tell us where we can find you online

You can find me on youtube by searching elro or elro raps. My youtube is my twitter is @elroraps and my Facebook fan page is “Elro Raps“.

Thanks for stopping by Elro!

, ISMOKE Interviews: Elro Raps, ISMOKE

, ISMOKE Interviews: Elro Raps, ISMOKE
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