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ISMOKE sat down with Emergine R&B singer Ebru – her new single “Mad” featuring Durrty Goodz is making waves in the UK Music scene..

Hey Ebru – thanks for joining us! First up, please give us a bit of background about who you are and what led you to make the awesome music that has caught ISMOKE’s attention recently?

I am a singer/songwriter/performer aka an all round Tina Turner Wannabe (without the Ike) who has been singing since I could mumble words as a baby. I met Marshall (One of the founding Godfather’s of music) of HITROOM recordings and we clicked straight away and began to create some amazing music together.


Where does the name Ebru come from?

EBRU is my real name, it originates in Turkey;  where I was born, not very common here in the UK but if you type my name into google you will see how popular it is back home. Strangely enough… it’s direct translation in English is ‘Marbelling’.

What genre would you label your tunes, and which so far has been your favourite?

Well many may call it “soulful pop!” I don’t know… I like what my team say: “This can’t leave the studio unless it BANGS!”. My favourite songs to date is probably ‘MAD’ or ‘ECHO’! I always sing these two to myself randomly, even forgetting they are my own sometimes!

What genres of music do you enjoy the most?

I don’t really have a particular favourite, I love loads of genres like gospel, neo soul, indie, rnb, jazz. I love it as long as “it BANGS!”

In “MAD” you collaborate with Dutty Goodz, one of ISMOKE Magazine’s top artists for his song “Marijuana”. How was that?

Marshall worked with Durrty Goodz some time back and he actually produced Marijuana (the guitarist – that’s him playing in a church hall with a beautiful violinist). So I asked Marshall to see if he would jump on it, he agreed so we got in the studio and I just watched this guy do his thing! He is extremely talented and just gets the job done and I mean DONE! His work ethic is something to be admired!

Are you a cinema go-er or a stay-at-home kind of girl?

I’m more of a stay at home girl, wrapped up in a duvet, watching old VHS re-runs of Sister Sister with a plate of Birdseye chicken dippers… Not forgetting the smig’in of BBQ sauce!  BOOM

What’s your favourite film?

I recently watched ‘The Raid’ – that was HOT, it kept me engaged throughout the whole film, I would definitely watch it again.

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