ISMOKE and other cannabis channels are back up on YouTube!

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Is this a dream? Out of the blue yesterday evening, many deleted cannabis channels went back up on YouTube.

As well as our channel, Uptowngrowlab, Urban Remo, Customgrow420, Maot420 and many more all re-appeared online at the same time.

We got messages from subscribers to let us know that the videos had reappeared around 8pm BST. However, at present the ISMOKE channel is not as visible in search results, potentially due to not being online for a couple of months. Our viewers are also reporting not being able to see our sub count or re-subscribe to the channel.

We have no further developments at the moment, but when we checked it seemed that everybody we had seen taken down was back up online.

We’ll keep you updated on any more developments, but here is the first video we uploaded to YouTube since our channel reinstatement (we didn’t quite believe it until this actually worked!) – the video is promoting this year’s upcoming Green Pride and features Rob from Brighton Cannabis Club.

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