ISMOKE Interviews Marti Moshfeghi, Founder of The Goods

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The Goods is a cannabis lifestyle brand that produces and sells CBD cannabis products in the UK and across Europe. Because of their locations in Italy and Spain, they are able to produce their own hemp plants (up to 250,000!), extract the cannabidiol and then extract it further into concentrates such as the shatters and waxes I have reviewed here on the channel.

, ISMOKE Interviews Marti Moshfeghi, Founder of The Goods, ISMOKE

I recently sat down with Marti Moshfeghi, founder of The Goods, to discuss their brand story, Marti’s own thoughts on the cannabis industry and what he has in store in the near future.

Marti and The Goods team have been a valued supporter of the ISMOKE channel for some time now – literally helping us to keep producing cannabis content. And I know firsthand that they give a lot of support to the UK cannabis industry through events, both online and offline, and even work with content producers to help them make projects a reality.

Since I met Marti at Green Pride in 2018 I knew that he was going to do something that put them on the map. Now in 2021, as I write this, he runs a successful CBD brand with a focus on recreational, lifestyle and culture.

Our chat took place at The Goods Bunker, their new HQ location complete with a dedicated filming space and even a gaming room.

, ISMOKE Interviews Marti Moshfeghi, Founder of The Goods, ISMOKE

Running for 18 minutes, we cover topics such as The Goods history, what Marti was up to before setting up the brand and his R&D projects with a sneak preview at what they have coming out next.

It was great getting to know Marti better in this interview, and seeing his passion for the industry and plans to “flip the switch” when he can start making THC products was inspiring.

The Goods are already a leading brand in the UK CBD space, and with their current trajectory and plans for the future, I expect to see a lot more of them.

, ISMOKE Interviews Marti Moshfeghi, Founder of The Goods, ISMOKE

Watch the interview here on YouTube