Tyler Green interview on The Simpa Life Podcast

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The Simpa Life is a new podcast series run by cannabis activist Simpa Carter, founder of Durham Cannabis Club and a good friend of ISMOKE.

I have been keen to hear the podcast ever since Simpa announced he was working on the series earlier in 2020 and was thrilled to be invited on to the show for episode 2.

The show covers my experience in the cannabis industry as we discussed what ISMOKE aims to do and how we got started, before discussing several topics relating to legalisation/decriminalisation and the landscape of cannabis in the UK today.

It is always fun and insightful sitting down with Simpa and so was good to record this conversation covering a range of topics. Cannabis and legalisation is the main focus, but we stray into drug legalisation, politics, social justice and other topics.

The conversation flew by and ran to nearly 2 hours, which you can watch back in the episode on their Podcast channel.

You can find The Simpa Life Podcast on YouTube, and an audio-only version will be launching soon.

Watch Episode 2 of The Simpa Life Podcast featuring Tyler Green from ISMOKE

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