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ISMOKE : Top Songs Inspired by Cannabis

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Lots of music is inspired by Cannabis. Music is an important part of culture – it invokes emotion and enables the songwriter to tell stories and share experiences with the world.

Music inspired by cannabis spans all genres, and you can find endless of examples of great musicians that used cannabis throughout their lives.

Particular prominent in reggae and dub music, cannabis-inspired tracks can also be found in rock, metal, grime, dubstep, country, blues and more.

We wanted to put together a list of our top tracks inspired by cannabis. The list below contains 5 of the tracks we like to put on when we smoke, and that never get old.

This list of top tracks inspired by cannabis represents our own views, but there are a lot of other great smoking songs out there. Feel free to comment with youtube links to any tracks you like to smoke to, and we will include some over on our cannabis music page on ISMOKE Media.

P A I N – Rockin Cross De Borda

This song isn’t as well known, indeed only one version exists on youtube. it tells a great story and we like to play this loud when we’re smoking. Also featured this in our latest dabbing video (watch here).

Cali P. – Herbalist

Encompassing a raw reggae and dub style, Cali P delivers an excellent track inspired by cannabis that had to make our list!

Cypress Hill – Hits from the Bong

Everybody has heard this song – with it’s classic and instantly recognisable melody, Hits from the Bong is a classic stoner favourite.

Rick James – Mary Jane

This classic by Rick James has to be on our list of top tracks inspired by cannabis. It’s all in the name! Such a catchy tune.

The Toyes – Smoke Two Joints

We love Smoke Two Joints by The Toyes and used to roll one to this track every day after work. The song tells a great story and it sounds great playing through a loud sound system!

Bob Marley – Easy Skanking

This track needs no introduction, and perfectly encompasses the passion and style of the legend that was Bob Marley. One of our first ever top cannabis tracks, this song has stayed with us for years and will never get old.

What are your favourite tracks inspired by cannabis?

Let us know in the comments below!

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