Incredibowl i420 Review: a different way to smoke

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We got our hands on an Incredibowl i420 pipe this week.

The Incredibowl is a unique-looking pipe which allows the user to build up smoke inside the chamber, before pushing it into their lungs via a sort of smoke-vortex which is created by pulling the end with the bowl to thrust the smoke back at you.

The result is a mixture between a pipe and a “lung” – or shotty (or bucket or something else people in your area call it).

The Incredibowl comes in two sizes – this, the original size, plus a newer “mini” model (Link here)which retails at less and is about half the size of the original.

The i420 (the original) is a medium-to-large-sized product – don’t get it if you’re simply looking for discreetness – hand-made in Boulder, Colorado, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Smoking through the Incredibowl is a unique experience. The hit is much cooler than I expected, but as expected does come with a fair level of intensity.

incredibowl, Incredibowl i420 Review: a different way to smoke, ISMOKE

The bowl is made from borosilicate glass to make it extra-strong, and the outer cylindrical chamber is made from some sort of polycarbonate that can resist a hell of a lot of force, making this product incredibly robust.

I loaded up a couple of strains into this to get an idea of how it hits, and every time it delivers a good impactful hit of cannabinoids with a nice flavour to match!

incredibowl, Incredibowl i420 Review: a different way to smoke, ISMOKE

Due to the size of the device, however, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge where to hold your flame to light it – it was easier doing this with two people or with a viewfinder on the camera to check when the flame was touching the bud!

This Incredibowl i420 retails at £99.99 (without case) and £134.99 with the case. I got this one from our sponsor Ali Bongo and you can get the exact version I’ve got using this link – or if it’s one with a case you’re after, find that here. 

incredibowl, Incredibowl i420 Review: a different way to smoke, ISMOKE

Shoutout Ali Bongo once again who gave me the mini to review when it came out years ago. Despite their durability, I did manage to break the mini I had years ago by putting something through the gauze when trying to clean it!

It looks like the bowl can be replaced in the i420 which is handy, just in case. However, I’ve found it easy enough to clean inside the rest of the unit, so haven’t removed the bowl from my device yet.

Overall, we had a lot of fun using the Incredibowl and think it would make an excellent party piece – for more detailed thoughts and reactions to the Incredibowl i420 watch the video review featuring myself and Simpa Carter trying out this product first-hand.

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