We’ve launched a new series on our YouTube channel, entitled In Conversation. The aim of these videos, a growing collection of chats with activists such as Simpa Carter, is to explore and document various topics in the cannabis industry during the past decade in which we have been campaigning for cannabis legalisation.

Breaking away from our previous video format, this new content features lightly-edited Zoom conversations which are able to bring depth and clarity to various cannabis-led topics.

Simpa is full of wise insights, thoughtful takes and new angles which helps keep the conversation flowing freely and no punches are pulled when discussing the scene as we see it in 2021.

So, during the time we’ve been around, what has changed? What’s stayed the same? This series aims to tackle various essential topics, such as medical, political and historical aspects of UK Cannabis.

, In conversation with Simpa Carter, ISMOKE

You can watch episodes 1 and 2 on YouTube now, and episode 3 is due to launch later this week on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

We value your feedback, questions and suggestions, so if you have something to say about the series please leave a comment over on YouTube

Episode 1 : An overview, 2016-present

In the first episode and launching this series we take a look at the past 5 years since we met and the various activities of the UK cannabis scene since we’ve known eachother.


00:00 Intro 00:37 When we met / Green Pride 2016 2:58 Brighton Cannabis Social Club 3:42 Product Earth 2016 11:36 Events Era 2016-2018 13:03 Simpa’s Intro to the industry and events 15:22 Issues faced at Simpa’s events 20:10 Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Expo 21:52 The changing law: Police Crime Bill 26:00 The changing laws: medical and recreational 26:35 The changing industry – did we peak in 2018? 27:10 How has medical relaxation around cannabis affected the wider industry? 28:40 Medical Patient Vs Criminality Associated with being a recreational consumer 30:08 The Medical Cannabis Industrial Complex 31:00 The legality of cannabis in the UK – 2021 vs 2016 36:00 Outlaw and grassroots activism 40:59 Series Plans, Simpa’s Podcast and Outro

Episode 2 : Medical Cannabis

In this episode, we discuss medical cannabis in the UK and the change in perception as laws around medical use have relaxed in recent years.


CHAPTERS 00:11 Intro 1:12 Discovering the benefits of medical cannabis 3:14 The History of medical cannabis 4:30 Cannabis Evolution and ancient history 7:36 Cannabis Pre History speculation 8:57 Dr William Brooke O’Shaughnessy 10:10 Victorian Era extracts 10:55 Sativa & Indica 12:10 Cultivars and Chemovars 13:45 Supplementation of the Endocannabinoid System 14:33 Medical Cannabis narratives 15:49 Doctors and the therapeutic relationship with cannabis 16:49 ‘The Great Con’ 18:05 Medical cannabis vs. street cannabis 19:20 Changing the law on medical cannabis and CBPMs: 2018 21:15 Patients at Parliament 22:30 The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 22:45 Medical cannabis and medical patients 24:41 Smoking Cannabis 25:22 Standardisation 28:47 Activism 30:18 Cannabis Cards 31:20 Data 32:30 Medical Health Interactions 34:24 Cannabis and Schizophrenia 34:50 Skunk Hysteria 35:10 THC Caps and changing the narrative 37:22 The Big Players 39:27 The Placebo Effect 40:35 Autonomy and right to life 42:30 Medical Cannabis Collectives 43:50 Cannabis Supplementation and health 45:20 Professor David Nutt / Project 21 49:20 Issues with medical supply in the UK : Focusing on ratios 50:30 THC medical benefits 51:43 CBD Medical benefits 52:15 Cannabis supplementation 52:35 Cannabis and Cancer 56:55 What we are missing on the medical side 57:30 Medical Cannabis Benefits : What you can be prescribed cannabis for in the UK in 2021 59:25 Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain in the UK 1:00:12 Cancard and Clinics 1:01:28 NHS prescriptions for cannabis 1:03:00 Medical Patient community in the UK – how easy is it to get legally prescribed cannabis? 1:05:00 Including the wider cannabis community 1:07:25 Frenchy Cannoli 1:08:40 Outro

Episode 3: Cannabis legality in the UK, past and present (coming soon)

Episode 4: Cannabis and Politics in the UK (coming soon)

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