In Conversation: A new direction for ISMOKE Media

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My most recent videos to launch on the ISMOKE channel are a series of discussions between myself, Tyler Green, and other cannabis activists, with an initial focus on conversations featuring Simpa Carter, a friend, and colleague who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a number of years.

The aim of this video series is to shed light on things I’ve learned during my first decade in the cannabis industry. I aim to explore this in an organic way, picking guests and topics as ideas emerge from initial discussions.

Whilst the series is not exclusively focused on chatting with Simpa, we have so much to discuss that we decided to tackle a different topic around the UK cannabis industry across multiple episodes, 4 of which have been released to date, extensively covering topics such as UK medical Cannabis, The UK Cannabis Industry, UK Cannabis Laws and, most recently, UK Cannabis Events (discussing this year’s Product Earth, Paradise Gardens and Borofest celebrations).

Other conversations so far include fellow YouTuber Doctor Denz where we discuss our perceptions on the industry, our experiences out in Spain, and differences which result from us being located in different parts of the Country, and Legal Medical Patient JP who has a cannabis prescription and can legally order cannabis online for next day delivery via DPD.

The In Conversation series marks an official departure from my review series, which to date has proven some of my most popular content, garnishing millions of views across well over a hundred episodes. With this new direction, I hope to increase accessibility for my work amongst non-consumers and share deep insights, sometimes unexpected, that come up when industry veterans have an open conversation about specific topics.

So far I have enjoyed the themes, difficult topics, different takes and complexities which have emerged in our initial chats. I have no plans to limit or place any boundaries on this series, with a further 2 Simpa episodes filmed for release and more in the pipeline.

The over arching themes of the In Conversation series are honesty, integrity, education, and passion.

I fully intend to open out these chats to more interesting people once the boundaries of my conversations with Simpa have been fully explored. For now, you will find Dr Denz and JP’s chats intermingled with the Simpa Carter conversations in this playlist on YouTube.

Here is a list of episodes at time of writing:

  1. UK Cannabis Industry (Simpa Carter)
  2. UK Medical Cannabis (Simpa Carter)
  3. UK Cannabis Laws (Simpa Carter)
  4. Weedtubers Unite (Doctor Denz)
  5. Interview with a legal medcal patient in the UK (JP)
  6. UK Cannabis Events 2021 (Simpa Carter)

You can find chapter lists in the video descriptions which will take you to specific topics contained within each video.

Your feedback is valuble, so please email any comments to [email protected] or tweet me @HighTylerGreen

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