Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information

5 mins read

Ice Cream Cake by Seed Junky Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake.

We took a look at a frosty looking sample of this strain for this edition of our cannabis strain review series. 

BackgroundIce Cream Cake, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This strain was bred by Seed Junky Genetics, and the phenotype was found by Dank Growing Farms, a grower in the UK with a history of finding good cuts (like the Marmalade people are currently raving about) and grown by Chemdank. 

Apparently the genetics weren’t terribly stable with this strain – many of the plants hermie’d, but the plant this sample comes from made up for it.

Gelato and Wedding Cake both bring indica/indica-dominant genetics to the table, and these heavyweight strains are rightly popular on both sides of the Atlantic due to their appearance, smell, taste and effects. The Ice Cream Cake combines the genetics and the results do not disappoint!


Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

These are some of the frostiest nugs I ever did see! At least here in the studio – this looks good even compared to other 10/10 strains.

The sample consists of tight, stacked and dense nugs which are covered – and I mean covered – with white trichomes, giving the appearance of frosting caked all over the bud.

It is also presented well, with a top-class hand trim, plus a good dry and nice cure.

There’s not much critical I can say about this sample.


Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The Ice Cream Cake smells strongly pungent, gassy and sweet, with solid skunky notes that are apparent before the bud has been squeezed.

When I crack open the sample and grind it up, a stronger gassier scent fills my nostrils. It smells similar to an OG strain but with more sweetness. Pinene is definitely in the terpene profile of the Ice Cream Cake as well.

This is a very nice smelling strain – and the smell is so strong that it is going to offend anyone in your vicinity that does not like the smell of cannabis – this sample has got that deliciously offensive pungency you get from some strains.

Taste + Smoking Experience

Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

I tried this out in two ways for the video review, bong and vaporiser, but I have also smoked it in a joint, enjoying the strain it in the weeks running up to this review. With all that in mind, I will still say that I cannot pick my favourite consumption method for Ice Cream Cake.

This bud tastes good however you consume it. The flavour matches the aroma – particularly when vaped. The terpene profile gives it a rich, gassy, moreish flavour that is as sweet as it is piney.

The bong goes down really smooth, and the vapour tastes wonderful.


Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

A strong indica-dominant stone awaits consumers of the Ice Cream Cake. For me, this takes the form of some initial relaxation which does not inebriate me massively, leaving me free to continue with my regular work.

The effects do fall on the indica side, but I still felt chatty and happy/uplifted. It lasts a moderate length of time, and is not over strong, so I can get used to smoking this one day and night.


The grower of this sample, and indeed the genetics of this strain itself both really knocked it out of the park! Really strong appearance (this looks much better than anything I’ve ever purchased in Amsterdam or Barcelona, for a start).

It does not fail to impress in the aroma, taste or effects and the consumption experience is smooth and tasty – second to none.

Ice Cream Cake has earned a near perfect strain review, as I cannot think of anything critical to say about this bud. I rate this one 10/10.