Hubba Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

Hubba Bubba Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Hubba Bubba is a new cannabis strain bred by Dank Hunters Seed Co which combines Bubble Gum X Zkittlez. I was recently given a sample to review here on the channel, and I’m told this strain is available at BDL Tenerife and the seeds are sold via Pure Sativa.

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Hubba Bubba buds look great – they appear very dense, sparkling with trichomes and carrying the sort of ‘preserved sweetie’ look to the buds which reminds me of a Haze strain!

The sample has a lovely rich colour spectrum of greens, darker and lighter shades and amber pistils, and looks like a hybrid strain judging from the bud structure of the sample.

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This strain seems to capture a good mix of the Zkittlez with it’s awesome terp profile, and then add even more sweet, fruity intensity from the Bubblegum (also known as bubble gum) side of the genetics.

As far as Zkittlez crosses go, this strain certainly adds something different to the mix from the familiar diesel/Zkittlez flavour prevalent in strains such as OZK and Rainbow Belts

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The Hubba Bubba strain delivers a brilliant flavour, perceivable in both my bong and vaporiser. The smoke is cool and smooth, with the sweet terpy notes hitting after the exhale (interestingly the flavour wasn’t as strong as Kosherberriez, another Zkittlez cross by Dank Hunters Seed Co.)

The vapour carries a good level of distinguishability – that is, the ease at which I can pick it apart from other strains in my vaporiser. It has a heavy, heady kind of flavour that can be tasted nicely through my Nectar Platinum vaporiser, capturing the mixture of Zkittlez with Bubblegum‘s additional fruity sweetness.

, Hubba Bubba Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Delivering a strong body-led stone, Hubba Bubba could be a good strain if you want to find a bit of relaxation and happiness, whilst preserving the motivation to get back to work in the near future.

This strain led me to an almost zen-like state after just two bowls and some vaping.

, Hubba Bubba Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Hubba Bubba is another strong entry in our 2021 strain review series.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying many ZkittleZ crosses lately, and this one is up there, with the older genetics meeting the newer Zkittlez flavour.

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