How To Use Tarik+Rosin T-Rex Extraction Machine

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Technology changes and advances quickly in this day and age. It seems like just yesterday that people discovered you could use hair straighteners to make cannabis extract, applying heat and pressure to your bud/hash to change it’s state, forcing it to secrete the oily sticky extract that tastes delicious and is perfect for dabbing.

Now enter the ‘T-Rex’, a simple-to-use Cannabis extraction machine that we’ve been getting to grips with.

, How To Use Tarik+Rosin T-Rex Extraction Machine, ISMOKE

Due to this being such a new product, when we received the T-Rex from our friends over at Vapfire, it was not immediately clear how to use the machine and we experimented to find the optimal temperature and exposure time.

Here’s the original video from T-Rex explaining how to use the machine:

This didn’t quite work out for us so here’s the ISMOKE Guide to using the T-Rex Cannabis Extraction Machine:

1. Wrap 0.2-0.5 gram packets of hash or flower in parchment/baking paper. Press down together so the paper is tight around the bud/hash.

2. Set your machine to 108 degrees celsius – we found that at 150 degrees Celsius as shown in the video above this literally fried the hash into a mucky paste, making oil extraction near-impossible. When we lowered the temperature and the time we began to see great amounts of delicious extract appearing with every pressing!

3. Press down for around 7 seconds, using quite a lot of pressure – we leaned in with our body weight and pushed down for the full 7 seconds.

4. Remember that temperature is a factor – the lower the temp, the tastier the extract!

5. Multiple pressings seem to work – we used the same bit of hash 3 or 4 times until it no longer secret oil when pressed.

, How To Use Tarik+Rosin T-Rex Extraction Machine, ISMOKE

Before using the T-Rex we would advise you to purchase a dabbing kit to separate and store your extract, as Cannabis Extract is very, very sticky and hard to manage without an acrylic pot and specialised tools. You can read about our Deluxe Dabbing Kit from Aztech and pick one up for £15 here on ISMOKE Magazine.