How Much is Your Cannabis?

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The price of cannabis in the UK today fluctuates from city to city dramatically. Does the term ‘point eight’ make the hair stand up on the back of your neck as mine does? Or even the term ‘point six’ perhaps? That makes hair stand up elsewhere on my body where I would care not to mention.

Everyone I know at the moment who enjoys a good smoke has a problem with the price that they are paying for their cannabis, with the standard price of an Ounce being two hundred pounds minimum these days, smaller-level dealers have no choice but to under weigh almost every deal they make.

The average price of some good bud back five years ago was twenty five quid for three and a half grams, three and a half grams being 1/8 of an imperial ounce, NOT two grams referring to some places where florists have been labeling two grams as ‘1/8’ and even then it’s under weighed to one point seven grams (about ten decent spliffs.)

Cannabis is a plant, a plant that can be grown from earth, water, warmth and light, a natural occurrence of nature, and therefore should not have a high price tag. But as I’m sure as you all know, this lovely wonderful plant is not allowed to be grown, kept or consumed into this country by our legal system, so the price is essentially decided corresponding to the risk undertaken by growers.

This year I went to visit the glorious city that is Amsterdam to taste the local produce, and it was delicious. The general price of bud in Amsterdam is from as little as seven Euros to fifteen Euros and above. Sounds pricy but you will always get the correct weight, and you know what strain you are smoking and that it is free from nasty containments.

I’m sure you have all found thrifty ways of getting around this financial crisis in the UK when purchasing your weed but are a couple of suggestions to help you save the pennies:

Hash is still around in this country like it ever was and if you avoid the infamous ‘soap bar’ you can pick up some beautiful well-made pollen and black. Where I’m the prices haven’t changed as rapidly as bud. Average standard Afghan Hashish can be found for as little as twenty quid for three and a half grams if you find a good florist. High grade hash for 1/8 is only twenty five pounds again if your supplier is reasonable.

Not a hash smoker? Prefer bud you say? Have no fear! Get together with your stoner friends (who I’m sure would be happy to help) put your money together and find a good, safe, reliable and most importantly trustworthy florist and pick up an ounce of high grade Cannabis for around two hundred quid of which you and your friends could share in order to save cash. However this latter method could actually constitute you becoming a cannabis dealer under our current legal system, as supplying your friends still constitutes to dealing. The most important thing is to stay safe – as professor David Nutt says, the biggest danger of cannabis comes from the criminal record that can follow if you are caught with it.

Please comment below – it would be interesting to see how much you are paying and what quality of bud you are getting in your area.

-Harvey Jones

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