House of Commons Bill To Legalise and Tax Cannabis

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Cannabis legalisation has been discussed this week in The House of Commons!

In his ten-minute rule bill Norman Lamb puts across the points that show that cannabis should be legalised and taxed in the UK, giving examples of other countries that have made the jump either medicinally or recreationally:

A highlight of the video for us is when they ask who agrees and everyone present responds ‘Hear’ – when they ask who’s against it, the room is silent!

The sad fact of the matter is you can see how empty the house of commons is, when compared to other subjects like – oh let’s say MP’s pay:

, House of Commons Bill To Legalise and Tax Cannabis, ISMOKE

That being said, this sounds like good progress. There is a follow-up reading on Friday 22nd April where we will find out more – fingers crossed – watch this space!


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