Holy Grail Kush Strain Review

Holy Grail Kush Strain Review

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Today on ISMOKE, we take a look at the Holy Grail Kush Cannabis Strain.

Bred by DNA Genetics, Holy Grail Kush is a potent cross of OG #18 (an OG Kush Phenotype) and Kosher Kush, another ISMOKE favourite. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn about this wonderful strain in our latest kush strain review.

In our weekly strain reviews,  presented by Tyler Green, we hope to show some of the different cannabis varieties available today, as well as the differences between them. Cannabis is an amazing and diverse plant, and we want to show our viewers the best strains we come across.

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This Hybrid cannabis strain was entered into the High Times cup in 2011 by DNA Genetics, making it a newer cannabis strain than some of the others we have reviewed previously.

Holy Grail Kush often reportedly tests around the 20% mark. The result is a strong-smelling powerhouse of a cannabis strain that got us off to a great start this morning in our weekly strain review.

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Watch our Kush Strain Review below:

After the bong hit, the strain took about 10 minutes to fully kick in, during which time both the intensity of the hit and high seemed to grow. The flavour is very apparent, even through a bong/water pipe, and the terpene profile made Tyler’s eyes water for a while after the hit, before settling into a lovely hybrid (although indica-dominant) high with relaxing and euphoric effects.

Holy Grail Kush is in our top 5 cannabis strains of 2016 (look out for that list coming soon!). We were lucky enough to sample Kosher Kush recently in Amsterdam, and the Holy Grail Kush definitely retains a lot of the smell, with slightly more OG flavour.

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