Get Higher With Mangos

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So this week we learned that eating Mangos (or indeed drinking Mango smoothies) before smoking can increase the effects of cannabis.

This is because cannabis contains a chemical called Myrcene. Now grade bud generally contains a comparatively higher concentration of myrcene than the regular shit you sometimes pick up.

1stmarijuanagrowerspage states that: “Mangoes, Lemon grass, and other less-common plants also contain high amounts of this chemical. Myrcene is believed to aid the potency of the marijuana high by allowing the psychoactive chemicals found in cannabis, namely THC, to cross the blood-brain barrier more efficiently.”

, Get Higher With Mangos, ISMOKEMangos are good for you. So its good to eat them anyway, but if you want a chance of improving your high, test if it works for you next time you have some not-very-good weed.

Apparently you might not notice much of a difference if you smoke high grade after eating Mangos – you will usually be too high to notice much, plus the cannabis will have a higher concentration of Myrcene in it anyway.

, Get Higher With Mangos, ISMOKE

Eat a mango

An hour later smoke a spliff

You should notice that it gets you higher than expected. Now this probably doesn’t work on everyone, but let us know if it works for you!

You can also try eating a shit load of Mango to see if the effects improve even further!

, Get Higher With Mangos, ISMOKE, Get Higher With Mangos, ISMOKE