Darwen Cannabis Club Bonfire Event November 2017

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• 100s attended DCC’s first annual bonfire night
• Cannabis enthusiasts, vendors and the general public enjoyed the club’s festivities
• Are events like these the best way for cannabis clubs to become part of the wider community?

Darwen Cannabis Club’s first annual Bonfire night attracted hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, campaigners, vendors and members of the general public last weekend.

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Held at an abandoned high school, the event was host to standard Guy Fowlkes traditions: a 10ft Bonfire, meat and spud pie with mushy peas, fireworks… and obviously, cannabis!

Discussing the event, “Elvis”, DCC’s Secretary, talked about the success of the event:

“The night was a great success for everyone involved the set up was great and we had lots to offer.
“Being very busy, I didn’t really get chance to chat with lots of people but when they came for the spud pie they were all extremely happy with how it was going and showing credit to us as a club.

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Later in the evening I did a head count off 136 people which is fantastic as I was only hoping for around half that figure.

“The general public loved it! We’ve generated new followers on Facebook due the event and now people are eager for the next event.

One of the reasons Cannabis Clubs put on events like these are to help raise money for future events.

Talking about the money raised by the event, Mick, DCC’s Chairman, said: “The evening was a massive success, raising almost £200 on the night just through raffle ticket sales and the tea, coffee and food stalls.”

The raffle itself was a fantastic feat. The club managed to organise a fantastic raffle, worth over £150, including a £75 dab rig from Herby Nichols, and £45 worth of vegan edibles from Pop’s Baked Goods.

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Raffles are a great way for clubs to raise funds for future events and put themselves on the cannabis community map, as Mick explained:

“It was never about the money, but it’s nice to raise a few quid!

“It was always about introducing DCC to the Darwen community more than anything, showing them that we aren’t just a group of stoners.

“We are part of the community and care about the area we live in just as much as everyone else and feel these kinds of events bring us all together and in the process, helps educate the public to the ever-growing evidence of the benefits of cannabis.

“The tide is most definitely turning in this country and our voice is finally being heard. Public opinion is what’s going to win it for us in the end and CSC’s are helping massively to bridge that gap.

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Elvis added: “We brought many members of the public together to see that we are not troublemakers we are actually helping people by giving out info that they simply cannot get elsewhere, and even those who came that don’t use cannabis agreed with us.”

Vendors from across the North West flocked to Darwen to sell a variety of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

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Med Wynne, founder of Balm Buddies, explained why she brought her budding business up to the event: “The night overall was a great success, I was looked after so well everyone was helpful and friendly and there was a good crowd of people of all ages.

“It was definitely good for businesses, lots of people hadn’t seen products made with cannabis and were really interested and wanting to learn more.

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It also helps people get the help and advice they probably couldn’t get elsewhere!

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved!”

The legendary Northern cannabis Youtuber, and long-time friend of DCC, Dr. Denz, even made an appearance:

“The overall event was absolutely excellent. I was really surprised at the amount of people that turned up on a cold November night.

“It was great to see family is there not just recreational cannabis users. And a big shout out to all the stallholders. Quality night!

Discussing how events like these are beneficial to growing cannabis business, Denz said:

“It’s very difficult for these kinds of businesses to get their selves established in this kind of scene.

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“Events like this are definitely beneficial to up-and-coming businesses. At the end of the day hopefully cannabis will be legal soon and these people at the start will be a slightly more established.

“Good luck to them all!

“I’d just like to add that Darwen Cannabis Club is an excellent club, lots of members looking deeply into the medical side rather than just the smoking side of things.

I’m sure the club will blossom into something marvellous. Well done, Darwen, keep up the good work!”

The event could not have been pulled off without the tireless efforts of dedicated club members. In order for a cannabis club to succeed in its aims, it must be guided by strong leadership, compassion and enthusiasm for the movement.

DCC has all of this in abundance.

We hope to see you at our next event! Like the DCC official Facebook page for updates on future events and competitions.

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