Hemp Flower Vs CBD Extract

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In a new video out on the ISMOKE YouTube Channel this week we take a look at two types of Cannabidiol products aimed at the cannabis consumer market in the UK- hemp buds and CBD extract.

There are, of course different pros to each product, and ultimately it will depend on your own circumstances which method suits you best. So we’ve put together a video discussing this in a bit of detail.

When it comes to CBD products there are a whole host of options to try, so make sure you do your own research. That being said, Evopure CBD offers Farm to door organic CBD oil in the UK – check them out if you want to try something new!

, Hemp Flower Vs CBD Extract, ISMOKE
The two products featured in the Cannavlog were The Goods Lemon Drop CBD Shatter and Otherside London Biscotti Hemp

You can watch the video below or alternatively here on YouTube

, Hemp Flower Vs CBD Extract, ISMOKE