What Is The Healthiest Way To Consume Cannabis?

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The healthiest way to use medical cannabis is, in a word, vaporizing. This process has its roots in Ancient Egypt. Large flat stones were heated in fires until they were glowing hot before being carefully removed and sprinkled with different types of incense, including cannabis. As there was no burning process, the vapours laden with the pungent (and in the case of cannabis, psychoactive) oils and aromas which were released were far purer and more effective than if the ingredients were burned.

, What Is The Healthiest Way To Consume Cannabis?, ISMOKE

This principle still holds true today, though luckily there have been many technological advances in the design of vaporizers, and the days of having to heat stones in a wood fire to ingest medical cannabis are over. Sensi Seeds (sensiseeds.com) have a good range of different sized vaporizers, ranging from the highly portable, pocket sized Iolite and Da Vinci vaporizers to the Volcano and Verdamper vaporizers, which may need their own chair or table.

No matter what the design, vaporizers work by heating the cannabis to around 180 – 195 degrees centigrade and allowing the user to inhale the resulting vapours. As there is no burning process, and no smoke is produced, very little tar is produced and no carbon or semi-burned material is inhaled whatsoever. This makes them ideal for medical cannabis users, who obviously want to be able to use their chosen medication in the healthiest way possible.

Sensi Seeds also has a historic link with cannabis vaporizers – for many years, Eagle Bill Amato held court in Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, sister company to Sensi Seeds and located next door to the Sensi Seed Bank. Known as the Godfather of Vaporizing, Eagle Bill demonstrated the enormous vaporizer he had built himself to crowds of eager tourists, enlightening them on the many benefits of vaporizing medical cannabis.

Although Eagle Bill himself has since passed on, his giant vaporizer remains on display at the Hemp Gallery, adjacent to the original Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum and also affiliated with Sensi Seeds. The Interactive Vaporizing Exhibit lets visitors try various different vaporizers in order to compare their ‘feel’ and performance, and is available on most afternoons. If you are considering buying a cannabis vaporizer and you have the chance, this is a great way to assess what kind of vaporizer would be best for you, as well as being a very enjoyable day out!

, What Is The Healthiest Way To Consume Cannabis?, ISMOKE