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Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review

Here is our Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review. This is a new cannabis oil product on the market, and the first to be stocked by a mainstream retailer here in the UK. In the latest ISMOKE CBD oil review we

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6 Things To Check When Buying CBD Products

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound that has been used by humans as medicine for over a thousand years. But it wasn’t until recently that it regained its popularity, which was mainly

CBD Legality in Europe

CBD legality in Europe

We are familiar with the legal minefield that is the CBD market in the UK. Companies may sell CBD products less than 0.2% THC with 1mg THC per pack is the guidance,


Finding the Best CBD Isolate

If you have ever bought CBD isolate, you probably understand the unique advantage that it offers. Its purity is higher than that of any other CBD product, allowing you to supercharge your


Hemp Flower Vs CBD Extract

In a new video out on the ISMOKE YouTube Channel this week we take a look at two types of Cannabidiol products aimed at the cannabis consumer market in the UK- hemp

Is vaping CBD healthier than vaping e-juice?

Is Vaping CBD Healthier Than Vaping e-juice?

Is CBD Vaping Healthier Than “Normal Vaping“? Devices for vaping have been on the market now for over two decades. However, the question is whether vaping CBD is healthier than normal vaping,

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