Headbanger Extract Review

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In this video filmed for the ISMOKE YouTube channel, we took a look at Headbanger OG, a potent cross of Sour Diesel X Biker Kush bred by Karma Genetics.

, Headbanger Extract Review, ISMOKE

This ‘Badder’ has been extracted by Gasleak Extracts and it differs slightly from other forms of extract I have come, across due to the presence of diamonds in the badder, which I have not seen before.

, Headbanger Extract Review, ISMOKE

The extract is a lovely rich golden colour and a thick viscous liquid which turns waxy as you pull out the dab tool, a great consistency for dabbing.

The heavy hybrid high is present in the Headbanger OG which combines the heady Sour Diesel with the relaxing Biker Kush.

Overall, this is some great extract and there is not much I can say to fault it.

Watch the video below or alternatively here on YouTube