Hawaiian Haze Cannabis Strain Review

2 mins read

This week we have Hawaiian Haze in the cannabis strain spotlight for our ISMOKE report.

Hawaiian Haze mixes the Hawaiian and Haze strains to create this sweet-smelling sativa.


The Hawaiian Haze looks frosty with trichomes spread across the bud. Thin pistils can be seen but are not large or very apparent.

The bud sample has a delicious frosted candy look to it and also has a lovely green hue.

, Hawaiian Haze Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
Hawaiian Haze


I’m very impressed with the smell of this bud. Very sweet, almost sickly – the Hawaiian Haze gives off a strong scent that is clearly a Sativa.

This sweetness likely comes from its haze parentage as the smell hits my senses in a familiar way, reminding me of early haze-fueled trips to Amsterdam. The Hawaiian side brings the fruity almost pineapple scent that is also coming from this sample.


The taste of the Hawaiian Haze comes through the bong excellently – much better than some other strains I’ve sampled recently.

The bong wasn’t harsh, so the intensity of this bud isn’t too much – coupled with the lovely taste, this was a very enjoyable hit.

, Hawaiian Haze Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

I also tried the Hawaiian Haze through my Pax 3 vaporiser to and was impressed – the flavour came through even more when vaped through the Pax!


The effects of this strain are on the cerebral side – happiness/ creativity and a lovely head high effects become apparent as the Hawaiian Haze kicks in.

I remember my first hit of this being quite intense, but smoking this for the review I found it mild and uplifting.


Hawaiian Haze is going on my top 10 list for 2017. Unless something knocks it out you’ll see it mentioned again before the end of the year. I love the flavour and smell of this strain!

I’ll also give it extra marks for the taste coming through the bong so well!

Watch the Hawaiian Haze ISMOKE report out now: