Hawaiian Haze and Grape Ape Extracts Review

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Hawaiian Haze combines the Hawaiian and classic haze strains to create a succulently sweet strain. Grape Ape combines the likes of Mendicino Purps, Afghan and Skunk to deliver a wonderful mix.

This week on the ISMOKE channel we took a look at two forms of cannabis extract made by Nugbusters and Sky Sports Extracts.

The extracts we checked out on the channel came in the forms of crumble, shatter and diamonds and sauce, giving us a broad range of extracts to take a look at made from the same strains.

We have previously dabbed extracts by Sky Sports and Nugbusters before and have found them to be terpy, clean and potent, and this batch was no different.

, Hawaiian Haze and Grape Ape Extracts Review, ISMOKE

It was nice to see separate diamonds and sauce, allowing the consumer to pick how much of each to use rather than it being mixed into one pot.

Our favourite of the two stains was probably the Hawaiian Haze, although the indica-rich traits of the Grape Ape were certainly well received. It resulted in more haze dabs in the day, and grape ape dabs at nighttime.

Overall top marks from us on these extracts. You can learn about Hawaiian Haze here on the channel.

You can also find the video of us testing out these extracts here on YouTube

, Hawaiian Haze and Grape Ape Extracts Review, ISMOKE, Hawaiian Haze and Grape Ape Extracts Review, ISMOKE